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A bit about us

MercuriuM was set up by a group of friends in the summer of 2003.

Josh, Dan, Henry, Sam and Chris all atend Droitwich Spa high and all live in and around Droitwich.

The band first started with Dan, Henry, Sam and Josh (a.k.a Dale) jamming around each otheres houses, trying to come up with some decent sounding riffs. Chris joined the band in late 2003 to become the drummer for MercuriuM.

What we play

Josh - Vocals

Dan - Bass

Henry - Guitar

Sam - Guitar

Chris- Drums


Our equipment

Dan - Peavey TNT 150 watt bass amp.

        - OLP (officially licensed product of Music Man) MM3 5-string bass

        - Wesley MBG-10 4-string bass


Henry - Peavey guitar amp

          - Fernandes Dragonfly X guitar


Sam - Peavey 100 watt guitar amp

       - Gibson Les Paul Special guitar


Chris - CB drum kit with a range of Cymbals